Stand out from the crowd


In a fast-evolving, social-media-focused world, it’s necessary to promote yourself or your business on multiple platforms – Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to name a few. It’s ever more important to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from the competition.

With the correct visual impact and carefully worded copy, you can punch above your weight and get peoples’ attention. Most importantly, you can present yourself or your business, whether a product or services, in the best possible light, demonstrating style, quality, integrity, expertise, track record, dependability and deliverability.


Scope of Services:


Web site copy and images

Marketing material: brochures, flyers, emails, newsletters

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – text and images

Blog writing and images

Press releases


CV’s, Biographies, Profiles

Travel articles, reviews & images

Product reviews & images

Magazine articles and images

Real Estate copy (from years in the business)




A website should be a reflection of you or your company, your ethos and how you present yourself. First impressions count – does someone click in and and want to find out more, drawn in by what they see and read about, or do they quickly move on? Business lost or business gained?

You need the whole package to stay ahead. For a website to stand out, you need a good user-friendly layout, high quality images that reflect you and your business and what you do, and copy that succinctly gets your message across. The choice of font is also critical, on both headings and body text, as to how your site looks and you are perceived.


Social Media


Good images on Facebook and Instagram are paramount, to deliver that first powerful impact before reading any associated text. The old adage: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, holds true. Your brain processes what it sees instantaneously and makes an assessment on a scale of 0 to 10, in a fraction of a second: classy, interesting, cheesy, tacky, high quality, contemporary, useful, I want that…

And the text complimenting the images, needs to be succinct, to get your message across, containing carefully selected keywords and hashtags, to maximise SEO. If done correctly, then less is definitely more.

It’s important to maintain a consistency of quality of your images and text, and I would advocate quality over quantity every time.

Developing your brand and evolving it to keep up to date with trends, keeping it fresh, takes time and effort, which is why getting the right help is worth every penny.

I can help you promote your business effectively on social media, through quality images and text, and link up the most popular and frequently used platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter – to ensure cross-fertilisation, maximum exposure and synchronisation to be resource and time efficient.


 Brochures, Flyers and Email 


I can help you promote your business, brand, products, services or an event, with appropriate text, to effectively get your message across in a succinct, appealing way, with powerful imagery. It’s important that these reflect your brand and ethos.




I take high quality images of all subject matter and provide suitable formats for use in all mediums. I especially enjoy travel photography.

I’m very approachable and would be delighted to discuss any potential project or assignment you might consider me for: writing, copywriting, photography or a combination.

Please see contact page for details and have a browse through my image galleries.