Effective Website and Marketing Content for Investment Management and Professional Real Estate Services



How you present your company and its services and products is important in any business. Presenting your business through a user-friendly, visually appealing website, is essential these days. It’s a reflection of your brand, who you are and what you stand for. It’s more important than its ever been, in terms of how your clients or prospective clients perceive you.

It’s important that this ‘window’, into who and what you are, is regularly updated, to ensure it’s fresh and that the message you want to get across is ‘on point’ and contemporary. Perhaps it needs to reflect the benefits of a merger or an acquisition, or a change in management. Or perhaps your business has expanded to include different service lines or has evolved in a slightly different direction to account for economic, political and cyclical changes. 

These changes need to be accounted for in the content and associated images. Most importantly, you need to ensure that key messages are conveyed succinctly and in a positive manner.

You should ‘set out your stall’ clearly, as to what you’re best at and why you’re better than the competition. What are your USP’s? Sometimes these get lost in padding and blurb that just fills pages but isn’t hard hitting enough. Perhaps it’s in there somewhere, hidden in various sub-menus and links that aren’t intuitive to a newcomer to your site.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Are you smaller but more focused? A boutique, or perhaps a sector or regional specialist?

Have you had a record year?

Have you managed to ride out a massive downturn in the economy by offering services that can help people – e.g. active asset management and careful re-positioining, with a clear well thought out exit/sales strategy?

Have you recently concluded any news worth acquisitions or sales?

Have you properly explained the full range of services that you are able to provide?  How you can assist a client from birth to death, from inception to completion of a development or acquisition, with in-house expertise and professionals, who are some of the best in their field?

Have you got easily accessible market commentary on trends from a well-respected employees or partners and/or from a dedicated teams of researchers and analysts.

As well as having pertinent commentary and descriptive content on your web site and marketing material, you need to ensure that your images are fresh, relevant and up to date. You wouldn’t use the same photos and style in your annual report to shareholders as the previous year, so why would you on your website?

If you company’s international, and most of the larger investment managers and advisers are these days, then it’s necessary to have country websites that are the same quality as the mothership, which are reviewed regularly and consistent with one another, otherwise they’re potentially the ‘achilles’ heal in the presentation of your brand and people. 

Sometimes a company assumes that people know what makes it great and that isn’t actually spelt out properly on their website or promotional material.

That’s when it makes sense to bring in a fresh pair of eyes that can assess objectively.

Always remember that most things are cyclical and great companies have come and gone. It’s essential to evolve and keep up with technology and changes in social media, which are instantaneously accessible now, with global reach, at a few strokes of the key board.