The Dragonfly Candle Company – Beautifully Scented, Hand-Poured, 100% Natural Aromatherapy Candles



The Dragonfly Candle Company was created in 2016, by Syra Portillo and Meli Paramio, two Spanish ladies who have lived in England for many years.

Both women have a love of candles, their fragrances and the moods they create, and are passionate about pure, organic products, that aren’t harmful to the environment or people; ones ideally with beneficial qualities.

After researching the market, it became apparent there was a blatant lack of truly pure candles, made with natural wax and using oils and ingredients that don’t emit toxins. Many people are unaware that many candles on the market are not totally pure, and when lit, can release harmful substances into the atmosphere.

As a result, the Dragonfly Candle Company was born, with the primary objective of creating a unique range of hand-poured, 100% natural, aromatherapy candles, using soy wax and essential oils, with their associated relaxing and healing benefits that could be enjoyed without fear of toxins.

The unique range of candles that Syra and Meli have developed, fulfil two important criteria in line with their ethos: They smell wonderful, both cold and when lit, but also emit the beneficial properties of the unique blend of essential aromatherapy oils contained in each.

Their current range comprises six distinct fragrances, aimed at creating different moods and emotions, namely:

Serendipity, Equilibrium, Lavender, Christmas, Vitalis and Allure

Each of these candles has different therapeutic qualities produced by the burning of the essential oils blended with the soy wax: Some are uplifting; some mind clearing and calming;  others revitalizing, rejuvenating or purifying; and the Christmas candle is, quite simply, everything about Christmas captured in a fragrance.

Various fragrances are also available in wax melts and tealights. There’s  literally something for everyone. And don’t just think candles are for women; men like candles too! Equilibrium has been carefully blended with masculine features in mind; a fusion of woody, herbal and citrus oils.

I would urge you to check out the Dragonfly Candle Company’s facebook page and ideally buy one of their candles, and you’ll quickly see for yourself they’re a gorgeous product. They’re beautifully designed and packaged, with a stylish and distinctive logo and real attention to detail.

Why not spoil yourself or a friend? And if you’re struggling to find that perfect unique gift for a special birthday, a thank you, or Christmas, then look no further. Believe me, you’re going to hear a lot more about the Dragonfly Candle Company.