The Patriarchate of Peç – Kosovo



The Patriarchate of Peç, is the holiest site in the Serbian Orthodox Church, and ironically, is situated in the northwestern corner of Kosovo, which is majority Albanian Muslim. The medieval monastery complex is located next to the entrance to the dramatic and spectacular Rugova Gorge, on the outskirts of Peç (Peja in Albanian), a frontier town, nestling the foothills of the Prokletije mountains that border and straddle Serbia and Montengro.

The religious complex comprises three adjoining churches and one stand alone church, built in the 13th and 14th Centuries, and is where Archbishops of the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church are buried. Not surprisingly, it’s part of a world heritage site.



The location of this most holy site in the Serb Orthodox church exemplifies the ongoing struggle between Islam (brought by the Ottomans) and Christianity and the strong claim by Serbs that Kosovo is very much part of Serbia, not a new country that isn’t universally recognised by all countries.


An Italian Caribinieri guard signs us into the monastery